Marketing Sunglasses with a Self-Assigned Photoshoot

Not everyone likes marketing. Ok...most people I know hate marketing. I guess they think it's about sneaky sales tactics that trick people into buying stuff. 

Me, I see it as helping photo buyers and art directors find what you're already looking for. If my style is a good fit, I want you to know about me.  

I'd really like to work with designers of sunglasses. So I put together some marketing material for those of you who design and market sunglasses. I know I can help!

Sunglasses are cool and fun. So I set out to shoot some cool, fun images as a personal project that I called "Porsche & Planes".  I really like how the photos came out and I think the concept can work well in a campaign for sunglasses. 

Coming from a marketing background, I try to speak the same language as my clients, which seems to make things go more smoothly. I'm familiar with the challenges they face in trying to rise above the noise in the market and be recognized. 

And so the marketing campaign is underway. Maybe you'll be getting a postcard or email from me soon. And maybe we'll be working together on a creative photo shoot for your brand!