Photographing Natalie Morales of the Today Show

When 201 Gold Coast Magazine asked me to photograph Natalie Morales for the cover of their premiere issue, I was all in. Natalie Morales, the co-host of NBC's Today Show, lives in Hoboken, one of the great towns on NJ's Gold Coast. 

We picked a spot on the Hudson River with NYC's majestic and unique skyline just across the water. The Ainsworth restaurant was the location for the first set. 

Before Natalie arrived, we cleared the area that we found on our scouting trip. It was outside on the patio of the restaurant. We set up the lighting and the scene...ready for Natalie. 

(GC) Natalie Morales - Cover Feature - 2015

She arrived shortly after the end of the Today Show for that morning. Although camera ready, Natalie got a few finishing touches from hair and makeup. 

In our first set, we had Natalie sitting at a table with her morning coffee. The brick color was a nice compliment for her green dress.

The sun, of course coming in from the east over the New York City skyline was beaming down right at our scene and Natalie 's face. We knocked it down with some diffusion and added some fill light. 

Cover photo shot for (201) Gold Coast Magazine

Cover photo shot for (201) Gold Coast Magazine


Here's how the final result looked. 

Next, we walked around one of the many waterfront parks to get some candid shots with the skyline as a backdrop. Always a bit challenging since it's a public area with people walking all around but Natalie was so patient.

I worked with Natalie in a few spots and we tried some poses that worked really well for her. We got several more shots and checked them on the iPad before wrapping it up. 

It was a great shoot!